Roots Watering Hole Podcast Artwork Image

Roots Watering Hole

Orrin Williams and Akilah Martin

The Roots Watering Hole podcast series is provided through generous support from the Kalliopeia Foundation. Thanks to their support we have been able to begin the Roots Watering Hole series while navigating the learning curve and making mistakes regarding equipment and services required to produce a podcast series with people who are not well known, but who do good in the world while providing information to our target communities.Roots Watering Hole will be producing podcasts for multiple purposes. One track will be a monthly gardening education and food literacy series co-hosted by Orrin Williams the Food Systems Coordinator at the University of Illinois at Chicago and soil scientist Dr. Akilah Martin. The second track will be devoted to independent content created by Orrin Williams and Dr. Akilah Martin as co-hosts and individual producers. The independent track will focus on topics related to lifestyle, health and wellness, the arts, and humanities. Both tracks will include guests from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. While focusing on BIPOC communities in particular we think that all open-minded people interested in our general well-being as a nation and planet will find the content we will be producing useful.
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