Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series

Bonus February Home Garden Education Podcast Episode

February 15, 2022 Orrin Williams Season 4 Episode 4
Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series
Bonus February Home Garden Education Podcast Episode
Show Notes

Preparing for the upcoming home garden season.

Well, the first episode of the 2022 Home Garden Education Podcast Series dropped today but I wanted to add a short bonus episode about our main topic in the first episode, on soil. Dr. Akilah Martin and I had a lively conversation and this follow-up is designed to keep you stoked for the upcoming home food gardening season. That said we want to temper your enthusiasm as well because I know from experience we want to get out there and start gardening. One thing you will learn on your gardening journey is that patience prevails, whether it is getting started or waiting for those things you have planted to mature.

So while you (and I) wait patiently I will provide you with some video links proving basic information about what was covered in the first episode.

Fabric Pots or Grow Bags 101

Six Grow Bag Tips to Maximize Your Results

The Basics of Soil Biology

Learn the Basics of Fertilizers

This will get you started. Remember the internet is loaded with advice so feel free to explore, but also ask any questions no matter how simple you think they are. I will also reemphasize staying the course, do not give up mistakes happen and sometimes things beyond your control happen, but do not give up.

If you need to contact me copy and paste into your email address. Let us know if you have topics you would like to have Dr. Martin and I cover, potential guests or anything related to home vegetable and fruit gardening.

Stay tuned for the next episode where Dr. Martin and perhaps a guest will be covering topics such as seasonality, sunlight requirements for specific plants, frost dates, seed starts, and other topics.  Until then, thank you for listening!