Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series

Danielle Jones Sankofa Village

April 21, 2022 AM and OW Season 2 Episode 4
Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series
Danielle Jones Sankofa Village
Show Notes

Danielle Jones is the co-creator of the visionary Sankofa Village project in Arkansas. Tune in to listen to Danielle discuss her vision for communities that are rooted in a cooperative model that creates a sanctuary for the village inhabitants and surrounding communities.

Find information about Danielle's Sankofa Village project:

Sankofa Village Arkansas website
2021 Arkansas Soul Article on Sankofa Village Arkansas
Our blog Video about the developing vision of Sankofa Village Arkansas
Instagram - @sankofavillagearkansas
Legal Structures for Intentional communities in the US -

Danielle like many of us are multidimensional in addition to Sankofa Village she is a yoga devotee and instructor:
Yoga at the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center 
Take yoga with Danielle | weekly Wednesdays 5:30 pm PT  | *virtual & in-person
Rotating teachers BIPOC-only yoga | weekly Thursdays at 7 pm PT (Danielle teaches 3/17, 4/21, 5/12, 6/30, 7/21) | *virtual & in-person

Learn more about Danielle:
Danielle's personal website

The conversation with Danielle covered many topics:
Climate Justice
Just Transition (Climate Justice Alliance)
Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning: A Framework (Movement Strategy)
Portland's Clean Energy Fund

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Article on the impact of racism on birth outcomes for African immigrants - Collins, Wu & David (2002) "Differing intergenerational birth weights among the descendants of US-born and foreign-born Whites and African Americans in Illinois" Retrieved from

Correction: "I said that the birth outcomes of African immigrants decrease after three generations, but it's just one!"

Feelings Inventory from The Center for Nonviolent Communication -

Soul Fire Farm Reparations Map -

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