Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series

July 2022 Garden Education Podcast

July 14, 2022 Orrin Williams Season 2 Episode 7
Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series
July 2022 Garden Education Podcast
Show Notes

The garden education podcast series is more than anything else presented to encourage the expansion of the home and community garden universe in Chicago and elsewhere, In the United States 95% of us do not eat the recommended amount of fiber and 88% of us are metabolically unhealthy. It is our hope that gardening will be one component of a comprehensive generational program to reverse these troubling trends.

Well, finally the season is in full swing after some weather-related setbacks for many gardeners and even urban farmers here in Chicago. Congratulations to our partners in the Chicago Grows Food (CGF) coalition for the installation of 50 home garden installations. The installations consisted of either 12 five-gallon grow bags, wooded raised beds, or a 100-gallon grow bag/raised bed system. Participants also received all necessary soil, seedlings, and/or seed and organic fertilizer. Additionally, participants have access to various members of the coalition for weekly "office hours" to assist with any issues they may be encountering. Kudos CGF!

Like virtually anything else fabric grow bag containers have pros and cons. To me, the pros greatly outweigh the cons, especially in a place like Chicago because our soils are of poor quality and often contaminated after decades of industrialization. Grow bags make gardening possible for many households in Chicago as a low-cost, versatile, and safer option.

Supporting this episode are a few videos that I came across during my research for the episode. The gardeners feature here are located in hardiness and climatic zones similar to our, in Chicago.

The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni:

Seven Crops You Can Still Grow in July

How to Grow Squash in Containers From Seed to Harvest

How to Grow a Container Garden Cheap and Easy

How to Grow Beans in Containers From Seed to Harvest

Hint: The information about growing in containers is transferable to the fabric grow bags that I prefer and that are used in the CGF programs.

Growfully with Jenna:

More on vegetable gardening in hardiness zone 6:

Seeds to Plant for a Fall Harvest in USDA Hardiness Zone 6

How to Grow Cabbage in a Container

Pepper Geek:

How to Grow Peppers in Grow Bags

Growing in the Garden:

Gardening in Grow Bags 5 Tips for Success

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