Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series

Late July-Early August 2022 Garden Education Podcast Series

July 28, 2022 Orrin Williams Season 2 Episode 8
Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series
Late July-Early August 2022 Garden Education Podcast Series
Show Notes

Late July-Early August 2022 Garden Education Podcast Series

Hello fellow gardeners, this is a very short episode. I had hoped to get a second episode for July 2022 out earlier but I was looking for guests to discuss season extension and four-season gardening but the people we had in mind are taking well-deserved time off for vacation.

This episode covers what crops can be started in July and August for your fall garden. Also, in response to several pest management inquiries, I included some links that may be of interest. I hope you enjoy the episode and continue to follow our garden education series.

Thank you for listening!

Rare Seeds-10 Crops to Grow in Late July.

MI Gardener-Plants You Can Grow in Late July-Early August for a Fall Harvest

Blossom End Rot

What is Calcium and the Role It Plays in Mitigating Blossom End Rot

Controlling Caterpillars in the Garden

3 Organic Sprays for Your Garden

More Organic Sprays for Your Garden

Before I close out this episode, I wanted to add this video about 7 crops you may still grow in August. Recall your lessons on the first (and last) frost dates. However, I want to step up our game. How? Well, covered in the video are seed and crop varieties. In this instance seeds planted in August for our USDA hardiness zone should be varieties that have a short growth period to maturity. The video explains this well and it is an exercise we should apply throughout the seasons. For example, I found some tomato seeds for very short growing seasons that I will try next year called Sub Arctic Plenty which purportedly has a 40-day period to maturity after transplanting.

I am already thinking ahead to next year about varieties I will plant that align with considerations such as seasonality and conditions, such as how compatible they will be for container gardening... On that note, I am going to try short-season cool weather varieties of broccoli and cabbage in the spring in an attempt to beat what seem to be the May and June heat waves we have experienced in recent years. More on this next spring and let me know your thoughts. See, Northern Homestead  and  also see Homestead and Chill (this is not an endorsement of either site's products, nor do we have any business relationships with either site, the links are included for information purposes only)

I hope you find this short episode useful, come back for more!

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