Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series

August 2023 Food Literacy Podcast

August 13, 2023 Orrin Williams Season 3 Episode 9
Roots Watering Hole Podcast Series
August 2023 Food Literacy Podcast
Show Notes

This is the August Food Literacy Podcast done in partnership with the urban gardening and farming community in Chicago and posted via Chicago Grows Food. There is still time to plant certain crops for a fall garden and harvest, check the show notes for more details...

August 2023 Food Literacy Podcast Show Notes

Planting for a fall crop? Do not be deterred, go for it. In our home garden, we have crops planted from seeds including some unusual varieties of kale such as Ethiopian, Contralto, and Portuguese varieties as well as Alabama Blue and Morris Heading collard varieties. 

 Check out the following links for what to plant in August for if you want to experience fall growing.

 Of course, speak with your healthcare provider for more information. If your physician does not seem to have much nutrition or dietary information, ask if there are nutrition and dietary services where you receive your care and how you may access dietary and/or nutrition services.

 Diet and Mental Health

 Heart Health 

Study Shows Plant-Based Diets Are Good for Heart Health—Do You Need to Go Entirely Vegan?

Research Suggests Eating These 6 Foods May Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease

 One of our objectives is to save you money on your grocery bills while assisting you in your quest for a healthier, higher diet quality. One way to do that is by storing your food properly to extend shelf life.

 Berries are a great addition to a high-quality diet. Blueberries are in season through September for more information see:

 If you get some blueberries at a great price while shopping at your favorite farm stand, farmers market or grocery store consider freezing some for future use. Beginning in November blueberries are imported from other countries so if you want blueberries from a seasonal source freeze them or buy them frozen.

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